Caktus Sphinx Theme

This is a custom Sphinx theme used for documenting projects written and maintained by Caktus Consulting Group.


There are no current releases of this theme but you can install directly from Github:

pip install git+git://

Once installed you should change your Sphinx to include:

import caktus_theme
html_theme = 'caktus'
html_theme_path = [caktus_theme.get_theme_dir()]
html_sidebars = caktus_theme.default_sidebars()

To use the Pygments style from the theme you should ensure that pygments_style is not set.

For additional detail on configuring the theme, please read the full usage documentation.


Additional documentation on using caktus-sphinx-theme is available on Read The Docs. The documentation also uses the theme so you can see an example of the style.


caktus-sphinx-theme is released under the BSD License. The theme itself contains a number of references to Caktus Consulting Group including logos but you are free to adapt this theme for your own uses. See the LICENSE file for more details.

This theme makes use of the Semantic Grid System which is available under the Apache 2.0 license.