Using this Theme

Here you will find comprehensive details on installing and configuring your Sphinx documentation to use this theme. You will also find optional configuration flags.


There are no current releases of this theme but you can install directly from Github:

pip install git+git://

Basic Sphinx Configuration

To configure Sphinx to use the theme you should make the following changes to your Sphinx configuration

import caktus_theme
html_theme = 'caktus'
html_theme_path = [caktus_theme.get_theme_dir()]
html_sidebars = caktus_theme.default_sidebars()

In addition the pygments_style configuration should be commented out or removed

# pygments_style = 'sphinx'

if you wish to use the default Pygments style for the theme (friendly).

Additional Theme Configuration

Beyond the above configuration to use the theme for your documentation, there are additional flags which can be set using the html_theme_options dictionary. An example is given below.

html_theme_options = {
    'tagline': caktus_theme.__doc__,
    'links': {
        'github': '',
    'forkme': 'right',

These theme options assume that you are using the default sidebars given by caktus_theme.default_sidebars as previously configured.


The tagline key in the html_theme_options defines the text which is present on the top the sidebar just below the project name. This should be used to give a brief description of the project and its purpose. It is recommened that this match the description given in the project’s if there is one.


forkme configures if/how the “Fork me on Github” banner is included on the documentation. By default the banner will display on the right-hand side if a Github link is included in the above links configuration. You may choose to have this display on the left side by setting this to left or disabling the banner by setting this option to an empty string or None. Regardless of the positioning the banner will only display on the index of the documentation.